Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In nearly three months away from my blog, I haven't really thought much about it, if only in passing. Sadly, this form has lapsed just as my leisure reading, tho in all fairness I have not blogged nearly as long as i have read. With that said, it is not dead, this form, and while i think it may indeed have peaked already, or at least plateaued, there are still many bloody wars to be fought.

In my return, I am not without an impetus: the announcement today of the dropping of all charges in the Duke lacrosse rape case, while a mere pittance of actual news, is what i am writing of. Whenever I saw the 'three young me', or, 'good boys', all I could think, even with all of my studies and reading, and openness, I could not help but think that they were guilty of SOMETHING and should take the fall for this. It sounds horrible, but everyone has known the type of person/student/idiot - the jock who probably did decent in school, but partied and laughed at what they could and did get away with. This case was not about those three MEN, but instead was an indictment on college atheletics, in my opinion. My university just promised an insane salary for the basketball coach and another million to the program, and for what? Name recognition on ESPN? Maybe if some slacker teen sees this school on the tv for one game (we lost in th first round of the ncaa) then they will want to come here and join the masses of other ineffectual dead-heads? Yay for that. What this case should have been about was the culture, the atmosphere, of college sports which allow people to do crazy things with little or no consequence. Oh, sure, party in college, then back to the real life, but I dont see it that way. If these young Men have always been told that they were the best (a hallmark of the current generations' lack of any real parenting) and that they can do anything at anytime, and to anyone, that behavior is only going to be exacerbated by freedom in college, and set the stage for an adulthood of idiocy, and idiocy which will infect all those people who come in contact with these types. Only after years and years will they realize that they are failures, in life, and as people, and all they will have is there parents, or coaches voices in their heads: your awesome, you so good, your so...These guys may not have perpetrated the crime for which they were charged, and it did take too long to dismiss, but I feel like justice was not served, as the games will continue to be played and the idiots will still be churned out. Goddess help us!

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