Sunday, March 27, 2005

Diagnose Me, Dr. Frist! | Personal Democracy Forum

What a great idea! I mean, they sadi on the news that Mr. Frist likes to et off to poor countries and provide life saving procedures for free and on his free time, why wouldnt he put in some quality free advice and diagnosing. In fact, why shouldnt just write up a few prescriptions and pick up the tab himself, i mean, he is sooo generous and all. Wait a sec, maybe hes only generous to poor people that he actively seeks to suppress through his day job (politician) but then turns around and uses them for his free medical procedures as political publicity shots. Isnt that a confict of interest. And maybe he should spend some more time helping US Americans!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

City Pages - The Undoing of America

Gore Vidal is a genious, and he was in one of my favorite movies, Gattaca. His opinions and insights int to the dyslexia of Americans ranks up there with Parenti and Zinn with American amnesia. All of the guys and gals (like Vandana Shiva, Winona Laduke, and Naomi Kline) who are featured on Alternative Radio are so important to the dialogue of freedom. Real freedom. The problem is that most of these people are old, and tired im sure, and we need others to carry on. I wish i could even begin to categorize myself in the sub leagues of these people, but I want to give it a shot. Maybe in time I can help affect some change.

Monday, March 21, 2005 - Protesters seize key Kyrgyz city - Mar 21, 2005

Do you think that if we had asked the illustriuos mr. bush two weeks ago if he knew who the president of Kyrgyzstan or even where it was on the map, he would have known? I doubt it, and in fact, I doubt he even knows tonight. Contrary to any credit the current US administration would like to take for recent democratic movements in the world. They would like you to think it was because of elections in Iraq, an occupied country with a fraction of involvement, and saddled with American 'rules' codified to keep their resources out of their hands in the hands of corporations. I like what a Labanese journalist said today on NPR: that he wouldnt really ascribe Lebanons recent movement with Iraq or America, but instead through a galvanizing force, in their case the assisination of the former PR. Corruption was cited as reason in Ukraine and in this case. If America had really wanted to show the world a democracy in action, we would have restrained our bloodlust after September the 11th instead of reducing our American Way to 'your either with us or against us' and a 'do as i say not as i do' mentality.

And since I am on a rant, lets discuss Mrs. Schiavo' case. It sad and it has to be hard for her family, all of them, but this case was a family issue that was taken to the courts in Florida, which, after several trials, ruled that her feeding tube should be removed and Mrs. Schiavo would be left to die. And then the parents stepped up thier fight, and sympathetic or politicos picked up the case and ran it through to the national congress. mr. bush has passed a law that he says is for this case alone, but other republicans have stated would be a good issue to follow because it would force democrats to choose the side against the woman and BINGO, they would lose in the eyes of the people. ANd dont think for a moment that the fact that she live in Florida doesnt matter! SO now our national congress is making personal laws for individuals. OK then. Start feeding and sheltering and clothing all of our homeless, fudn more medical advances and help people who need transplants get what they need, regardless of what their HMO's say. That would be helping many many many more people than just this one woman.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

DeLay defends travels, denies wrongdoing - Mar 15, 2005

Ethics Smethics

What do you do when you've done something wrong? Ok what do you do when you've done several things wrong? Oh, and are accused of still more wrongdoings? Vigorously deny, strenuaously object, ladda ladda la. Dance the same dance. Look Poeple: calling a smear campaign doesnt make it go away and 'powerful' politicos have fallen over much less. Delay is De-shady! Misuse of pac funds, admonishments by the ethics comittee (and then have the party try and pull rules, and fire Republicans on the comiittee for some closer yes-men) and being tried to the swindling of millions from Native Americans. But they were just his firends, associates, colleagues, contrinutors, advisors and so on. I'm sure Delay didnt do a thing un-ethical or illegal. So clear the air!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

North American

Great site about alternatives to synthetic building materials. As an undergrad I worked on a natural building project that used a material called cob, a sand/dirt/clat mixed with straw. It was a great time for a great cause, a cause that can be used for environmental, social and political activism, to cut off the consumerism and malleability of society. This site provides even more info: Green Building

Michael Parenti Political Archive

I had heard Michael Parneti on Alternative radio several months ago and was intrigued. He made some great points about politics, activism, and where America should be and were it is unfortunately at. I finally got to attend a lecture by him this past thursday and it was great! he spoke about American Imperialism and the un-sustainable hunger of empire. 'the middle or center feeds the ever expanding empire until it is a hollowed shell that collapses'. I'm paraphrasing of courxse because I could'nt blog it, but it was so true abouit our current state of affairs, affairs that have benn expanding since the end of WWII. He also addressed the need for such US expansion and militarism because of the Cold War as nonsense! There really was no difference bewteen what the USSR did after WWII in eastern Europe and what the US did in S. America, or Southeast Asia. And what have we been doing since 1991, when the Soviet system crumbled? We've ramped up our military (contrary to nay-sayer war-hawks who like us to think that our military has gone down hill and we were weak) and expanded our presence with over 700 military bases around the globe! There is much more I will go into later. Plus I got him to sign a copy of The Assassination of Julius Caesar Score!

His points hit even further home in the context of continued efforts to repress terrorism through military instead of the greatest problem, which is economics. Bin laden and other terrorists groups have stated that they hate us not for our supposed liberty and freedoms, but because of our horrendous foreign policies in the name of ecnomic imperialism that have decimated populations and kept developing nations stagnant.

Septemeber the 11th was not the worst incident ever, despite what we Amewricans might think. Take a moment and review our policies form the last 35 years. We have done much much worse. I think thats what they call Karma.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Would Rather watch Tom Brokaw

Watched most of the last laugh or sob of Dan Rather...and quite freankly I really did'nt care all that much. When Tom Brokaw signed off it was memorable, sad, a send off to a great journalist/news-anchor. Dan Rather was forced out and all, because of 'us' bloggers. It did'nt matter that the story about Mr. Bush and his shady early days in the Air National Guard (See HEREand escpecially HERE Or just google it!) turns it to be more true than false. Rather-gate ensued and the bloggers were charged with responsibilty. Last night on Nightline the story came around again along with the issue categorizing blogs. This leads me to my main thesis: what are blogs and how can we best use them for change.

So I propose a Blogging Manifesto or sorts.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

PBS | I, Cringely

Great and frustrating article about the suffocation of VOIP and I don't even nor have ever, used a VOIP, yet the principle and ideology behind their services are solid. Death to the oppressors!

Eliot Spitzer 2006

This is so cool! Im monitoring an online discusson with NY governor-hopeful Eliot Spitzer and he posted my question I sent! Am thrilled, and everyone in NY whould read his views and background.

Image:Gaymap.PNG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Came upon this map of same-sex legality per nation and was astonished to see that Greenland has same-sex unions, but the US doesn't. I find that not only interesting, but telling, and sad.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A few thoughts on the goings-ons in Lebanon. As in Ukraine a few months ago, when the people in any country are not satisfied/dissassociated/dissilusioned with their reality and government, they unite for change. Protests brought about the end of the foriegn-backed govt. in Lebanon this week to what I think is very little fanfare. Here we are, America the Bold, defenders of freedom and purporters of democracy, yet out own attempts are so ass-backwards that countries who have hardly known democracy are changing on their own accord.

Perhaps all democracy really needs is time.

And outside influences who think they know best to but the hell out.

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