Monday, June 14, 2004

I Fucking LOVE David Sedaris!!

On the Media

Well, here we go again, I suppose. The Defense dept. is attempting to block the testimony of an FBI agent who had made claims about hearing reports agout 9/11 in the summer of '01, yet hardly anyone inside the US has heard of her story. Why? Wht is our own government trying to cover up, hide, or occlude innvestigations? Not just this issue, but also to recent covering of the alleges abuse memo goving our troops freer reign. When is enough enough?

What I learned at work today:
atrophic vaginitis - "Vaginitis" is a medical term that describes an infection or irritation of the vagina and/or vulva by yeast, bacteria, viruses, other organisms, or chemical irritants. Thank you WebMD

Tuesday, June 08, 2004 - Outpouring of responses to Reagan's passing - Jun 8, 2004

The passing of former presidnet Reagan was sad, as any death is, or should be, but the messages on CNN show a plethora of opinions. Reagan did this, that, ended communism, etc. I have to stand up and say that President reagan began the immoral authority, bringing republicanism into mainstream as 'cool'. What Reagan was in fact was a fading non-politic who was shalacked, propped up, and put in office by the bergeoning (re-bergeoning) republican poliical smear machine, which is still going strong. With the immoral authority gaining speed, Reagan used tried and true conservative methods to cut taxes, spend trillions on military, work to undermine democracies in South America, and basically forget about the homeland. Homeland. Now we have an entire govt. bureaucracy with that name. And Nothing is Different. Reagan, thankfully, will slowly fade into the background, I hope.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I am listening to Weekend Edition on NPR, and a story about a Vietnamese refugee immigrant came on. He came to the US 5 years ago and is graduating from Hunter College with a 4.0, and next hes going to Harvard to study sociology and social policy. That is what I want to do! I think. I still havent decided and I need to focus, damnit. Story of my young, not so young, academic life\career. This morning a guy knocked on my front door. Awoken, I stumbled downstairs and opened the door. He gave me his mini-shpiel after he learned no one at this residence was in college or a senior in HS. He was hawking a compendium of college-related materials for people preparing to gom and upon learning that I had graduated from college, he pointed out the themes in his book. I was still groggy and, not to be rude, didnt mention the fact that the curriculum in his book was not exactly what I would put in, but im sure the topucs were topical, I suppose. After divulging some neighbor info, i closed the door and he dorve off. It made me think of Jason and his ideas to do college planning, and then this guy, who claimed to still be in college, with his academic prep materials. It struck me that to combine them certianly could be a good tool, perhaps.

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