Wednesday, February 22, 2006 - Bush, Congress clash over ports sale - Feb 21, 2006

All this time i was confused as to why the current administration was hell-bent on calling anyone who questioned their authority and decision making 'unpatriotic'. at least that is until now. now i have got it. its only unpatriotic if you cannot put a proper price tag on it and successfully sell it. well, thats whats going on here. as long as there is money to be made for those most important to you, then patriotism is all relative. so go ahead and sell our ports, so long as the bottom line is the real patriotic, true american ideal - capitalism - it all comes back to it!

Swing State Project: OH: 18 of 18
50 nifty united states, from the 13 orginal colonies!

Friday, February 17, 2006

I just heard on a NBC Nightly news report on the six months since Katrina hit that there are still bodies unaccounted for in places because they havent been looking for them since DECEMBER because they ran out of money to pay for the overtime of workers to find them! ARE YOU SERIOUS! They cannot even get money to search for bodies and yet they are ramping up for Mardi Gras! Oh My Goddess! - Senate plans no probe of NSA spy program - Feb 17, 2006

Can you Say BLANK CHECK?
There isnt going to be even a hint of oversight on this issue?
The two days of crap they call a hearing was all we get?
Boy oh Boy.
Clinton got a blow and everyone needed to know.
Bushie can keep lying and people are still dying.
And No One Gives a Shit!

Sunday, February 12, 2006 First Photo of Bush and Abramoff -- Page 1

Of course we knew that they knew each other, but I am afraid that there will be yet another snow-job reminicent of Bushie and Ken Lay back in the day. Will people forget about this? Sadly, most likely. - Berlusconi: I'm Christ of politics - Feb 12, 2006

I believe that this kind of talk and action is the clinical definition of MEGALOMANIA! This guy is scary.

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