Thursday, March 30, 2006 - Frist fires opening shot on immigration - Mar 29, 2006

Not wanting to jump onto the 'hey its one more contentious issue for the elections' bandwagon, but the growing discontent over immigration 'reform' was an inevitability that im glad is happening now instead of later. this administration has had zero accomplishments in my book on domestic policy, and a severe negative in the defense department. medicare's prescription plan is a bureaucratic disaster, not because they didnt plan for - wait - yeah, its because they didnt plan for the conflicts, the confusion over the 80 choices and little help. even Lockhead-martin couldnt save it, maybe Haliburton could have done a better job. On the immigration issue, i am torn. reform is needed, and illegal entry is a security problem, but i am wondering why, after 5+ years, is this now just popping up? the Dubai ports deal was an apparent 'no-brainer' to the republicans, yet many companies and areas of the US are currently owned by foreign nations, thats nothing new. but immigration reform, in the context of bush's foundation for everything, 9/11, should have been a concern from the get-go, from eveb before the INS was folded into that bloated, under funded, bureaucratic beast known as 'homeland insecurity'. it took a test of nuclear material smuggling to spark THIS debate? Crazy.

now, for the flip side, the rioting, the protests in the US and the protests in France by student groups, and other ongoing divisiveness. A la 1968? its been over 30 years, and history has seen these social revolutions every 30 years or so. hm....

Monday, March 20, 2006 - Rumsfeld's Iraq-Germany analogy disputed - Mar 19, 2006

Wow its been a while. So why not reappear on the net on the anniversary of the illegal, immoral, war in iraq. We have become complacent. we have become apathetic. even those of us still railing against the administration in our own ways have become tired. i am tired.

all i want at this point is my brother home safe and sound, and tomorrow.

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