Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bring out your moderates! Bring out your minorities!

Bring out you compAssion! Step right up, come this way, once every 4 years you are beholden to witness a feat of gigantic strength, endurance, and of ocurse, extreme pomp and cost! No No, not the Olympics, those are over. I'm talking about the RnC! Last night it was sen. McCain and Rudy G, respected men to be sure, if only they would just shuck that cheezy cloak and come out of the Dem-closet! Tonight it was Arnold, who did well, so well that if you changed a few choice words, he sounded SO democratic! So, out they stroll, under the 'theme' of compassion, the look: we have souls after all! I mean, its just fuzzy emotions. Its a conudrum warapped in an enigma, shrouded in mystery...kind of like pro-choice female repulicans, or gay republicans (they even brought one of THOSE out, thats right, cheneys daughter is a Lezbo, but of course she wasnt invited to be on AIR, no no, she was mentioned casually, like, we have a gay member of the party, ciao! BEEP BEEP! SO. They bring out the moderates, the liberal-cons, the women, the children (thats right, the twins were on! and i dont think they were even drunk...), the parents (former bush I and Barbie), etc etc. However, thats all well and good, I mean, more power to them....except one major thing. While all the happy go lucky people who were allowed to be seen and heard, there were the party 'faithful', the strong-arms, who were wrapping up the parties platform. We are Strong, we are Free, we are Welcoming! Tolerant! Virtuous! Loving! We are ani-choice, pro-guns, anti-ANY form of gay marriage!, Permanent tax cuts and social program cuts! In other words, they wrap up the faces and sound bites with a little bow, but the real present is what comes out after they win, after they begin crafting their laws: the patriot act, repealing of the ergonomics law, not signing the Kyoto protocol, increasing emmission output allowances, lowering regulation of water safety, port safety, pollution standards in general. No stem cells - thats murder. And in the end, all you really have to do is sit back and watch it all implode....already bushie is slipping, and the debates havent happened yet! Yesterday on the Today show, bushie said we could bever win the war on terror, then today, realizing (ooops, im a dumbass) he says we can win! Is it an example of the dreaded flip-flopper! OH NO! His campaign merely called it a clarification...

The Online Beat

Arnold is stealing the show. This may prove troublesome for bushie, but I think that they were smart in their attack. Mr. rove, job well done! Also, just discovered John Nichols, I approve. Its good stuff.
Arnold just said that you can have differences of opinion and disagree and still be a republican. Indeed, just don't disagree very loudly. Wow, he just said that republicans are for the people and not the interests, HA! Ouch, he just bashed the UN, now I have to turn up the dislike meter. (and he was doing so well...) Insert foot into mouth here: the terminator reference. Oh NO! He just said 'don't be economic girlie-men'. If only he would rise above the kitch, but he never does. I'm afraid he's spiraling downward, another actor pretending to be a real political leader. Goddess help us all!

Monday, August 30, 2004

NYC IMC: newswire/107989

If you can't join 'em....join 'em!! Virtual activism is where its at when you can't be!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ChangeThis %3A%3A ChangeThis

Change This, Change it All!

Sunday, August 22, 2004


I have discovered the divinity that is Weboggle!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Walt Whitman Archive

Its Whitman All the Time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Well when I am online I usually put the tv on in the background, or the radio. Tonight im barely listening the the meaningless frivolity and waste of space that is the Tean Choice Awards (lets not forget that they are on FoX). Anyway, long story short, the commercial breaks have actually proven more interesting than the actual show. During this last break, they played an acne cleanser ad back to back with 'you are and army of one' Go Army commercial. Hmmm. I find this saddly funny because of the station its on (Fox), the whole purpose of this show (the above mentioned frivolity) but make sure to distinguish between the fun and the seriousness (except for the girls, they can scream and get clear skin, the guys dont scream, and join the military). Go figure.

Extreme Democracy

Sweet activist cite.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bookseller in Baghdad Posted by Hello

ArtNet - BaghdadJournal

Amazing watercolors and reporting from Iraq.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

A leaning tower of Creamers from a friedn of mine and my own favorite diner in the world. This was the typical late night scene our freshman year in college.  Posted by Hello

Ani is a Goddess Posted by Hello

Independent Media Center | www.indymedia.org | ((( i )))

Check out the headline WTO July Package Fails Global South, not that supranational economic initiative bodies would care about the poor, but still, tis a bit blatant.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Moseleum Lady

Watching pbs and I have come upon a story that has already started about funeral homes and the way in which American culture presents death. At a convo for those people in the biz, it shows all of the Kitch that can come with death. No I am not unrealistic, I know, not fear, that one day I will die. But if I cost 6-10 grand to get rid of my bio shell, well then, prop me up inside the camp fire circle and let me go. They are showing how they prepare the bodies, I cannot continue.

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