Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Off the Kuff: SCOTUS throws out CD23, upholds the rest

This is Huge.
The Supreme Court, in a 7-2 ruling today, upheld the Texas redistricting case that involved a mid-decade restructuring of congressional seats, spear-headed by tom delay that gave Texas 6 more Republican seats in the 2004 House of Reps. The ruling basically means that any state legislature, especially if the same party controls the governorship as well, can re-draw congressional districts WHENEVER they want, not just after a census. What does this mean? Off the top it means that the already mostly-secure seats (ie very few House seats are ever competitive sue to gerrymandering) could conceivably result in ALL seats being secure for one party or the other. That is dangerous no matter who is in power because there will be no need to be bi-partisanship or to have consensus. There are many other issues that this can impact, most notably the equal rights amendment protections that help keep minorities in competitive districts. And what does the Conervative boob that have on the News Hour say about all this? Its good because the courts should butt out of this (but not what you can do with your body or in your own bedroom or view online, etc) and let the voters decide, its just politics. HA! 'Just politics' have been behind all major conflicts in human history. If the voters are roped off into safe zones that offer only one real choice how the hell are they supposed to vote for change? They will have to move, collectively, into one county or region and vote with one voice, but if they do, then the state legislature will then redraw that district and disenfranchise them again anyway. This is mui mal.

Monday, June 26, 2006 - White House defends legality of bank records queries - Jun 26, 2006

Is'nt there a saying that is some what infamous that states that 'the only thing i regret is that you found out' or something to that effect. I find more and more that whatever the Bush Administration or the Pentagon or the CIA or the FBI or anyone does anything shifty, the only problem that emerges is that it, 'darn, you should'nt have found out, so, shame on you for looking into our shananigans'. Go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Am 26 now. No change.


comfortable on the oustide, turmoil within,
boisterous and beatiful and needy and naughty

so much there to work with
potential prophesized forever, sailing through
bumpy roads ahead will yield perilous prospects

i wish the best for her always

Sunday, June 11, 2006

40 Words, 365 People
I like this idea...

listlessly directed for unknown reasons,
confident in little but had high beliefs
happy to all and rarely with himself,
wondering what lies where and when

likes things simple but lives to complicate,
calls out tourists but slinks back to familiarity

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ann Coulter Attacks 9/11 Widows

Its not enough to wish that ann coulter would develop some highly appalling, debilitating disease that she once mocked or made fun of, and then, when stem-cell research or an envrionmentally-safe treatment is needed, there isnt any help whatsover and she dies a slow, agonizing death that even her millions in hate-money cannot stop. Personally I would settle for a random act of kindness, like a city bus plowing her over. Its not just her, its ALL people who profit from hate, bigotry, and stupidity. Thats right, liberals AND conserves alike should rot. But this 'lady' isnt even worth the paper that one copy of her drivel-ridden book is printed on. Im in mouring for those poor trees.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Can Gay Marriage Help GOP? - Newsweek National News -

This is beyond pandering to the point of being a risk - not only to other way more important domestic issues - but also to national security. Yes, national security, a favorite of Bush and the right for the last 6 years, because it is taking time and effort away from the 'war' and causing increased fatigue among our citizens. Republicans love to show some scrap of proof that their initiatives are or will work and that there is generally, no matter how fringe, some back-up for their views. I see NO such evidence in this argument, beyond the laughable 'traditional marriage protects children' when it doesnt and neither do the chronically underfunded, under-utilized state support system. All signs point to NO on this biased attempt to restrict access to some aspect of society of an entire group of citizens. (See Women, See Blacks) There are more important issues, more important anything else than this. The people, even their base, are not going to be fooled a third time. At least lets hope not.

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